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      I used to sing sometimes, Esmeralda continued. I[63] thought I could sing untilshe had nearly said, until I heard The Rosebud, but she checked herself. Somehow, she felt reluctant to mention him to Lady Wyndover.Let its northernmost corner be Vicksburg, the famous, on the Mississippi. Let the easternmost be Mobile, and let the most southerly and by far the most important, that pivotal corner of the fan from which all its folds radiate and where the whole pictured thing opens and shuts, be New Orleans. Then let the grave moment that gently ushers us in be a long-ago afternoon in the Louisiana Delta.

      "It won't get off to-morrow, nor the next day, nor the next. You know how it always is. When Steve--"There were no triumphal arches, but groups of the Belfayre people were gathered by the road-side and round the gates. The bells had been set ringing, and men were standing on the tower with the flag-ropes in their hands, ready to hoist it the moment his grace the duke should cross the threshold. A hearty welcome awaited them, and the good folks were just as eager to see Esmeralda as Trafford himself.

      "No, I know what counts for more than all the rest; I know you're a terror to him."

      Trafford could bear no more. He rose and staggered out of the hut and leaned against the wall, with his face upon his arm.

      Lilias uttered a faint cry, and put her arm round Esmeralda and kissed her.